Field Trials 2020 - Cancellation


Field Trials 2020 - Cancellation

The actions of the authorities and, most importantly, the responsible behaviour of the majority have enabled significant control over the Covid-19 pandemic to be established, allowing a degree of normality to return to our lives. However the virus has not been eradicated nor has an effective vaccine against it been developed yet. Precautions now in place enable localised surges in infection to be quickly identified and contained but also illustrate how easily they can occur when an opportunity is provided.

 Against this background the Committee have given very careful consideration to the pros and cons of running Field Trials this season. We have taken full account of wider government advice, the more specific advice published by the Kennel Club with regard to the conduct of Field Trials and the recent statement from the IGL cancelling the 2020 Championships.

The autumn and winter are clearly a period of uncertainty as far as the behaviour of Covid-19 is concerned. Given the fine balance between keeping Covid precautions (restrictions) to a minimum, to provide greatest freedom, and the increased risk of a substantial surge of infection or the increased number of smaller outbreaks, this points to further uncertainty.

Consequently it is the considered view of the Committee that the Club’s Field Trial programme for this season is cancelled. The Committee acknowledges the disappointment some members will feel but the decision gives absolute priority to the safety and well-being of all involved in producing a Field Trial.

M Simmons