AGM Roundup 2017


The 2017 AGM was held at The Swan, Ringland on Tuesday 28th November

The Club has had a successful year with increased membership, full summer training classes and a successful competition calendar. Finances remain strong with a surplus of £2100.00 at the end of the 2016-17 Financial Year. Authority to run Two Open Retriever Stakes will see an important change to the 2018-19 competition season. The Club's presence at the RNAA Spring Fling, East Anglia Game and Country Fair, Royal Norfolk Show and Wayland Show has achieved the aim of educating, informing and entertaining (although, unlike the BBC, we don't have a Charter to comply with!) Proceeds from the very popular scurries at the EAGCF, equipment sales from the stand and summer training fees have enabled the Club to update and enhance training equipment. The healthy state of our finances enable some important short and medium term expenditure plans to begin; a complete overhaul of club trophies repairing and refurbishing or replacing some 'much loved' if now rather worn specimens; maintenance and modification of the club trailer, acquisition of secure storage and further improvement or renewal of club equipment.

Mark Danson-Hatcher and Pamela Wimmer were re-elected as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively; Ray Allgood was elected to the Committee replacing Trevor Pitcher, Trevor had completed his three year period of service. The elected Committee comprises Chairman Simon Littleboy, Vice-Chairman Mick Simmons, Secretary Mark Danson-Hatcher, Treasurer Pamela Wimmer; Committee Members Ray Allgood, Roger Bannock, Nancy Harrison, Duane Morley, Richard Reeve and Karen Tigue.

The meeting approved the following Subscriptions and Fees remain unchanged Joining Fee (£10) Individual Annual Sub (£10) Joint Annual Sub (£12) GWTs Brace (£14) Open Cold Game (£14) Open (dummies) (£10)  Novice (Ret and Span) £10. However there will be changes to fees for Field Trials effective from 1 September 2018; Two day Open (Ret) £55, One Day Open (Ret) (£45) Novice (Ret) (£40) Novice Spaniel (£35). Where Nomination Fees apply there is no change from £2.50/nomination.

The successful year is also due to the hard work and efforts of many non-Committee Members, their commitment to the Club is greatly appreciated.

The business of the 2017 AGM was concluded at 8.35 pm.